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The Open Group tells stories and shapes experiences, each informed by a sense of purpose and optimism.
Our (ad)ventures.
We devise projects in the arts, media and commerce, then realise them with our industry partners.
The best become television series, books, products, events—or entire businesses. Many occupy the shifting, heady junction between real life and the digital world.


media, publishing and television

Flying Workshop Logo
Flying Workshop

With Nathan Peter Wong, we develop tv drama and animation for young people and families. Every show—quirky or profound—features diverse and relatable characters. Industry leaders have mentored us and commissioned our work.

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Best Bugs

Our first animation follows the escapades of a community (or infestation) of friendly vermin. The show enjoys the backing of The Walt Disney Company, which has added its characteristic vibrancy and polish. Fifty-two episodes are in production by the Academy-Award®-nominated studio, Je Suis Bien Content, for initial broadcast in Europe.

Petergate Publishing logo
Character Parts

Flying Workshop has a pure, family focus. In parallel—and in contrast—we’re exploring arresting adult drama and factual programming. Character Parts complements Flying Workshop’s recognised name while establishing a presence as ‘grown-up’ independent screenwriters.

Petergate Publishing logo
Petergate Publishing

Our books will move young readers to grow in understanding, courage and resilience, to explore and improve their world, and to express their imaginations through the arts.


education, the arts and commerce

Real Experiences

We work on paper, on screen and in the imagination. But we long for the tactile, analogue, barefoot, hands-on world too: authentic lived experiences.

Real Creativity logo
Real Creativity

Generous mentors helped make our early dreams realistic. We aim to share that good fortune through publications, education and group events for people pursuing a creative living and life.

Real Childhood logo
Real Childhood

Once, our plan for a low-key, irregular parent-and-child magazine seemed sufficient. But now, a positive, anti-pink, outspoken, inclusive, un-plastic movement for families is imperative. Now we must build broader media and experiences underpinned by hope, resilience and respect.

Hearts and Culture

Our fledgling charity campaigns for creative and performing arts spaces, resources and education in regional communities.

Hearts and Culture logo
The Harris Institute, Preston

In 2015, we instigated a £5 million bid to restore a Grade-II*-listed Victorian-era landmark. With over a quarter-acre of floor space, we envisaged a space buzzing with education in the arts and technical crafts, community events and arts gatherings. Exhibitions, music, film and performance would be a nightly focus. Sadly. the building’s poor condition halted our work. Now, a broader community coalition is driving the project ahead, and we look forward to contributing our expertise.

The Open Store

Can e-commerce be reconciled with multi-sensory and worthwhile, real retail? We’re designing ethical products and authentic customer experiences.

Spice and Friends logo
Spice and Friends

Restoring the senses to food retail, Spice and Friends groups tastes and aromas in a newly useful flavour vocabulary. Specialist ingredients, fresh blends and portion-planned recipe kits will become easy, healthy meals. Impeccable sourcing, inspiring recipes and demonstrations will embolden new and practised cooks to experiment with international flair.

Modest Store logo
The Modest Store

Simplicity, texture, material and form link the hand-made crafts of Japan, Scandinavia and Australia. Our curated range of ceramics, textiles, furniture and homewares will juxtapose the beautiful and useful work of artisans from each culture.

Our services.
Can we add to your project? Our loyal clients commend our insights, skill and warm professionalism.
Our niche sites let us offer help and information that’s relevant to you.


book design, editorial and production

Print is Read

When Book Design Australia outgrew its name, we split our services between publishing houses and individuals. Print is Read adapts to the systems of large firms to design highly-visual picture books, textbooks and lifestyle titles. Satisfaction lies in bringing together the work of authors, illustrators, editors, photographers and publishing specialists. Clients have included Scholastic, Cengage, The University of Technology Sydney, McGraw-Hill and Horwitz.

A Book Inside

We partner with emerging self-publishers to get their words into print and into readers’ hands. Our literate, step-by-step approach covers editorial, design, production and marketing. We’re ready to help with traditional and on-demand print, e-books, retail and direct sales. Everyone has a book inside. What’s yours?


marketing, content and design

Design for Children

By linking graphic design with education, we craft tempting, usable and vibrant media for young people. Backed by research and strong ethics, our work avoids the hectic pink-and-orange explosive excesses that distract and exhaust our audience. In their place? Respect, readability and honesty.

Words with Ways

Bringing our copywriting and content-creation skills to the fore, Words with Ways will address our clients’ increasing need for captivating, customer-centric writing with a distinct tone-of-voice.

Arts Marketing

When marketing entertainment companies, theatre, dance and exhibitions, we establish a ‘total experience’ for audiences before the curtain rises. Close research and our heartfelt response to each production guides our work: directors have even adopted our imagery when staging their events. Our ideas—tiny or comprehensive—have appeared for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Only Shadows Theatre Company, Peter Darren Productions, Curious Works, Ensemble Theatre, DS Productions, The Lingalayam Dance Company and pre-eminent venues in England and Australia.

Our people.
We’re tiny. Minuscule. Just two of us guide a growing circle of creative freelancers and industry consultants, who keep us nimble and knowledgeable.
Stuart Gibson, The Open People
Stuart Gibson
director, publishing consultant, project developer

A varied education means Stuart knows a little about journalism and theatre, and rather more about education.

At theatres in Sydney and London, Stuart found an affinity for arts marketing. His knack for vibrant writing and design was welcomed at Scholastic Australia, where he promoted educational and children’s books. In 2002 Stuart founded a publishing consultancy, which has provided editorial and design for 160 books with some 500,000 copies in print.

His work at The Open People centres on themes of storytelling, childhood, education, creativity, design and innovation.

Please be reassured that Stuart’s computer is not currently on fire: that’s his smoky Lapsang Souchong tea.

Peter Hilton, The Open Group
Peter Hilton
arts and experience consultant, project developer

When young, Peter quickly recognised the power of storytelling.

After joining a progressive youth theatre, Peter honed his quick wit, improvisation and writing skills. His ear for dialogue and accents counted, but an empathy for others did most to ground his portrayals. Later training in Community and Educational Theatre saw Peter encourage the trust and esteem of disenfranchised young people as they told their own stories.

Peter’s knowledge of theatre and television extends across the uk, us and Australia. He’s drawn to muscular, character-driven drama.

Alongside his own work, Peter’s career in the arts, heritage and tourism sectors has included roles at The Sydney Opera House, London’s Barbican Centre, York Museums Trust and Madame Tussauds.

Peter is known for his humour, humane insight and good judgement.

‘Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.’

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