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Often cre­at­ive,
forever curious.
The Open Group tells stor­ies and shapes exper­i­ences, each informed by a sense of pur­pose and optimism.
Our (ad)ventures.
We devise pro­jects in the arts, media and com­merce, then real­ise them with our industry partners.
The best become tele­vi­sion series, books, products, events—or entire busi­nesses. Many occupy the shift­ing, heady junc­tion between real life and the digit­al world.


media, publishing and television

Flying Workshop Logo
Flying Workshop

With Nath­an Peter Wong, we devel­op tv drama and anim­a­tion for young people and fam­il­ies. Every show—quirky or profound—features diverse and relat­able char­ac­ters. Industry lead­ers have ment­ored us and com­mis­sioned our work.

Disney Channel logo
Best Bugs

Our first anim­a­tion fol­lows the escapades of a com­munity (or infest­a­tion) of friendly ver­min. The show enjoys the back­ing of The Walt Dis­ney Com­pany, which has added its char­ac­ter­ist­ic vibrancy and pol­ish. Fifty-two epis­odes are in pro­duc­tion by the Academy-Award®-nominated stu­dio, Je Suis Bien Con­tent, for ini­tial broad­cast in Europe.

Petergate Publishing logo
Character Parts

Fly­ing Work­shop has a pure, fam­ily focus. In parallel—and in contrast—we’re explor­ing arrest­ing adult drama and fac­tu­al pro­gram­ming. Char­ac­ter Parts com­ple­ments Fly­ing Workshop’s recog­nised name while estab­lish­ing a pres­ence as ‘grown-up’ inde­pend­ent screenwriters.

Petergate Publishing logo
Petergate Publishing

Our books will move young read­ers to grow in under­stand­ing, cour­age and resi­li­ence, to explore and improve their world, and to express their ima­gin­a­tions through the arts.


education, the arts and commerce

Real Experiences

We work on paper, on screen and in the ima­gin­a­tion. But we long for the tact­ile, ana­logue, bare­foot, hands-on world too: authen­t­ic lived experiences.

Real Creativity logo
Real Creativity

Gen­er­ous ment­ors helped make our early dreams real­ist­ic. We aim to share that good for­tune through pub­lic­a­tions, edu­ca­tion and group events for people pur­su­ing a cre­at­ive liv­ing and life.

Real Childhood logo
Real Childhood

Once, our plan for a low-key, irreg­u­lar par­ent-and-child magazine seemed suf­fi­cient. But now, a pos­it­ive, anti-pink, out­spoken, inclus­ive, un-plastic move­ment for fam­il­ies is imper­at­ive. Now we must build broad­er media and exper­i­ences under­pinned by hope, resi­li­ence and respect.

Hearts and Culture

Our fledgling char­ity cam­paigns for cre­at­ive and per­form­ing arts spaces, resources and edu­ca­tion in region­al communities.

Hearts and Culture logo
The Harris Institute, Preston

In 2015, we instig­ated a £5 mil­lion bid to restore a Grade-II*-listed Vic­tori­an-era land­mark. With over a quarter-acre of floor space, we envis­aged a space buzz­ing with edu­ca­tion in the arts and tech­nic­al crafts, com­munity events and arts gath­er­ings. Exhib­i­tions, music, film and per­form­ance would be a nightly focus. Sadly. the building’s poor con­di­tion hal­ted our work. Now, a broad­er com­munity coali­tion is driv­ing the pro­ject ahead, and we look for­ward to con­trib­ut­ing our expert­ise.

The Open Store

Can e‑commerce be recon­ciled with multi-sens­ory and worth­while, real retail? We’re design­ing eth­ic­al products and authen­t­ic cus­tom­er experiences.

Spice and Friends logo
Spice and Friends

Restor­ing the senses to food retail, Spice and Friends groups tastes and aromas in a newly use­ful fla­vour vocab­u­lary. Spe­cial­ist ingredi­ents, fresh blends and por­tion-planned recipe kits will become easy, healthy meals. Impec­cable sourcing, inspir­ing recipes and demon­stra­tions will embolden new and prac­tised cooks to exper­i­ment with inter­na­tion­al flair.

Modest Store logo
The Modest Store

Sim­pli­city, tex­ture, mater­i­al and form link the hand-made crafts of Japan, Scand­inavia and Aus­tralia. Our cur­ated range of ceram­ics, tex­tiles, fur­niture and home­wares will jux­ta­pose the beau­ti­ful and use­ful work of artis­ans from each culture.

Our ser­vices.
Can we add to your pro­ject? Our loy­al cli­ents com­mend our insights, skill and warm professionalism.
Our niche sites let us offer help and inform­a­tion that’s rel­ev­ant to you.


book design, editorial and production

Print is Read

When Book Design Aus­tralia out­grew its name, we split our ser­vices between pub­lish­ing houses and indi­vidu­als. Print is Read adapts to the sys­tems of large firms to design highly-visu­al pic­ture books, text­books and life­style titles. Sat­is­fac­tion lies in bring­ing togeth­er the work of authors, illus­trat­ors, edit­ors, pho­to­graph­ers and pub­lish­ing spe­cial­ists. Cli­ents have included Schol­ast­ic, Cen­gage, The Uni­ver­sity of Tech­no­logy Sydney, McGraw-Hill and Horwitz.

A Book Inside

We part­ner with emer­ging self-pub­lish­ers to get their words into print and into read­ers’ hands. Our lit­er­ate, step-by-step approach cov­ers edit­or­i­al, design, pro­duc­tion and mar­ket­ing. We’re ready to help with tra­di­tion­al and on-demand print, e‑books, retail and dir­ect sales. Every­one has a book inside. What’s yours?


marketing, content and design

Design for Children

By link­ing graph­ic design with edu­ca­tion, we craft tempt­ing, usable and vibrant media for young people. Backed by research and strong eth­ics, our work avoids the hec­tic pink-and-orange explos­ive excesses that dis­tract and exhaust our audi­ence. In their place? Respect, read­ab­il­ity and honesty.

Words with Ways

Bring­ing our copy­writ­ing and con­tent-cre­ation skills to the fore, Words with Ways will address our cli­ents’ increas­ing need for cap­tiv­at­ing, cus­tom­er-cent­ric writ­ing with a dis­tinct tone-of-voice.

Arts Marketing

When mar­ket­ing enter­tain­ment com­pan­ies, theatre, dance and exhib­i­tions, we estab­lish a ‘total exper­i­ence’ for audi­ences before the cur­tain rises. Close research and our heart­felt response to each pro­duc­tion guides our work: dir­ect­ors have even adop­ted our imagery when sta­ging their events. Our ideas—tiny or comprehensive—have appeared for Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Only Shad­ows Theatre Com­pany, Peter Dar­ren Pro­duc­tions, Curi­ous Works, Ensemble Theatre, DS Pro­duc­tions, The Lin­galayam Dance Com­pany and pre-emin­ent ven­ues in Eng­land and Australia.

Our people.
We’re tiny. Minus­cule. Just two of us guide a grow­ing circle of cre­at­ive freel­an­cers and industry con­sult­ants, who keep us nimble and knowledgeable.
Stuart Gibson, The Open People
Stuart Gibson
director, publishing consultant, project developer

A var­ied edu­ca­tion means Stu­art knows a little about journ­al­ism and theatre, and rather more about education.

At theatres in Sydney and Lon­don, Stu­art found an affin­ity for arts mar­ket­ing. His knack for vibrant writ­ing and design was wel­comed at Schol­ast­ic Aus­tralia, where he pro­moted edu­ca­tion­al and children’s books. In 2002 Stu­art foun­ded a pub­lish­ing con­sultancy, which has provided edit­or­i­al and design for 160 books with some 500,000 cop­ies in print.

His work at The Open People centres on themes of storytelling, child­hood, edu­ca­tion, cre­ativ­ity, design and innovation.

Please be reas­sured that Stuart’s com­puter is not cur­rently on fire: that’s his smoky Lapsang Souchong tea.

Peter Hilton, The Open Group
Peter Hilton
arts and experience consultant, project developer

When young, Peter quickly recog­nised the power of storytelling.

After join­ing a pro­gress­ive youth theatre, Peter honed his quick wit, impro­visa­tion and writ­ing skills. His ear for dia­logue and accents coun­ted, but an empathy for oth­ers did most to ground his por­tray­als. Later train­ing in Com­munity and Edu­ca­tion­al Theatre saw Peter encour­age the trust and esteem of dis­en­fran­chised young people as they told their own stories.

Peter’s know­ledge of theatre and tele­vi­sion extends across the uk, us and Aus­tralia. He’s drawn to mus­cu­lar, char­ac­ter-driv­en drama.

Along­side his own work, Peter’s career in the arts, her­it­age and tour­ism sec­tors has included roles at The Sydney Opera House, Lon­don’s Bar­bican Centre, York Museums Trust and Madame Tussauds.

Peter is known for his humour, humane insight and good judgement.

‘Curi­os­ity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great cre­at­ive people.’
leo burnett
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